Endemic Bird Areas Search Results

Worldwide, the most important places for habitat-based conservation of birds are the Endemic Bird Areas – critical regions for the conservation of the world's birds and other biodiversity, that are often also particularly rich in human cultures and languages.
This is the list of all Endemic Bird Areas that matched the search criteria. To see the account for a particular EBA, click on the EBA name.
Adelbert and Huon ranges
Admirality Islands
Afghanistan mountains (secondary area)
Aitutaki (secondary area)
Albertine Rift mountains
Amazon flooded forest
Andaman Islands
Andean ridge-top forests
Annamese lowlands
Antipodes Islands (secondary area)
Argentine Mesopotamian grasslands
Aru Islands (secondary area)
Assam plains
Atlantic forest lowlands
Atlantic forest mountains
Atlantic slope of Alagoas and Pernambuco
Auckland Islands
Azores (secondary area)
Baja California
Balsas region and interior Oaxaca
Banda Sea Islands
Banggai and Sula Islands
Batanes and Babuyan Islands (secondary area)
Beni lowlands (secondary area)
Bolivian and Argentine high Andes
Bolivian and Argentine yungas
Bolivian and Peruvian lower yungas
Bolivian and Peruvian upper yungas
Borba (secondary area)
Bornean coastal zone (secondary area)
Bornean mountains
Bulloo and Diamantina rivers (secondary area)
Caledonian pine forest (secondary area)
Cameroon and Gabon lowlands
Cameroon mountains
Cape fynbos
Cape Verde Islands
Cape York
Caribbean Columbia and Venezuela
Caripe-Paria region
Cayman Islands (secondary area)
Ceará caatinga and serras (secondary area)
Central American Caribbean slope
Central Andean páramo
Central Brazilian hills and tablelands
Central Chile
Central Ethiopian highlands
Central Hawaiian Islands
Central Himalayas
Central Honshu lowland forests (secondary area)
Central Honshu montane forests (secondary area)
Central Indian forests (secondary area)
Central Mexican marshes
Central Papuan mountains
Central Sichuan mountains
Central Somali coast
Chatham Islands
Chilean temperate forests
Chinese subtropical forest
Christmas Island
Chukotski peninsula (secondary area)
Clarión (secondary area)
Clarke Range (secondary area)
Coastal Paraná marshes (secondary area)
Coastal Uruguay marshes (secondary area)
Cocos Island
Colombian inter-Andean slopes
Colombian inter-Andean valleys
Columbian East Andes
Comoro Islands
Cordillera de la Costa Central
Cordillera de Mérida
Corsican mountains (secondary area)
Costa Rica and Panama highlands
Cozumel Island
Da Lat plateau
Darién highlands
Darién lowlands
Deciduous forest of Bahia
Deciduous forests of Minas Gerais and Goiás
D'Entrecasteaux and Trobriand Islands
Djibouti juniper forests (secondary area)
Doi Chiang Dao (secondary area)
Dry woodlands west of Lake Victoria (secondary area)
East African coastal forests
East Australian mangroves (secondary area)
East Bolivian cerrado (secondary area)
East Caroline Islands
East Malagasy wet forests
East Malagasy wetlands
Eastern Andhra Pradesh (secondary area)
Eastern Australia
Eastern Bering Sea islands (secondary area)
Eastern Himalayas
Eastern Tibet
Eastern Yucatán (secondary area)
Eastern Zaïre lowlands
Eastern Zimbabwe mountains
Ecuador-Peru East Andes
Edwards plateau (secondary area)
Fan-Si-Pan and northern Laos (secondary area)
Fernando de Noronha
Gabon-Cabinda coast (secondary area)
Galápagos Islands
Geelvink Islands
Gilbert Islands (secondary area)
Gough Island
Granitic Seychelles
Guadalupe Island
Gulf of Carpentaria (secondary area)
Henderson Island
Huallaga valley (secondary area)
Ile Sainte-Marie (secondary area)
Indus plains (secondary area)
Interior southern Brazil (secondary area)
Irrawaddy plains
Isalo massif (secondary area)
Isthmus of Tehuantepec
Iwo Islands (secondary area)
Izu Islands
Japanese and Korean offshore islands (secondary area)
Java and Bali forest
Javan coastal zone
Juan Fernández Islands
Jubba and Shabeelle valleys
Junín puna
Kakamega and Nandi forests (secondary area)
Kalimantan lowlands (secondary area)
Kangean (secondary area)
Karoo (secondary area)
Kenyan mountains
Kerguelen and Crozet islands (secondary area)
Kilombero floodplain (secondary area)
Kontum plateau (secondary area)
Lake Lufira (secondary area)
Lake Nicaragua marshes (secondary area)
Lake Titicaca (secondary area)
Lanyu (secondary area)
Laysan Island
Lesotho highlands
Lesser Antilles
Levantine mountains (secondary area)
Lord Howe Island
Los Tuxtlas and Uxpanapa
Louisiade archipelago
Lower Niger valley (secondary area)
Lower Río Magdalena (secondary area)
Macarena mountains (secondary area)
Madeira and the Canary Islands
Malayan peninsula lowlands (secondary area)
Marañón valley
Mariana Islands
Marquesas Islands
Marshall Islands (secondary area)
Masalembu (secondary area)
Mentawai Islands (secondary area)
Mesopotamian marshes
Michigan jack pine savanna (secondary area)
Mindanao and the Eastern Visayas
Mongolian mountains (secondary area)
Mount Kulal (secondary area)
Myanmar-Thailand mountains (secondary area)
Namib desert (secondary area)
Namibian escarpment (secondary area)
Nansei Shoto
Natuna Islands (secondary area)
Nauru (secondary area)
Nechí lowlands
Negros and Panay
Netherlands Antilles (secondary area)
New Britain and New Ireland
New Caledonia
Nicobar Islands
Nihoa (secondary area)
Niuafo‘ou (secondary area)
Niue (secondary area)
Norfolk Island
North Algerian Mountains (secondary area)
North Central American highlands
North Central American Pacific slope
North Honduran thorn forests (secondary area)
North Island of New Zealand
North Kenyan short grass plains (secondary area)
North Papuan mountains
North Somali mountains
North Sumatran lowlands (secondary area)
North Ugandan swamps (secondary area)
North-east Bornean islands (secondary area)
North-east Brazilian caatinga
North-east Mexican Gulf slope
North-east Peruvian cordilleras
North-east Sudan (secondary area)
North-east Uganda (secondary area)
Northern Central Andes
Northern Ethiopia (secondary area)
Northern Line Islands (secondary area)
Northern Maluka
Northern Myanmar lowlands (secondary area)
Northern Nusa Tenggara
Northern Papuan lowlands
Northern Qinghai-Tibetan plateau (secondary area)
Northern Sierra Madre Oriental
North-west Australia
North-west Mexican Pacific slope
North-west Somalia (secondary area)
North-west Zambia (secondary area)
Ogasawara Islands
Ontong Java atoll (secondary area)
Orinoco-Negro white-sand forest
Peninsular Thailand lowland forests (secondary area)
Peru-Chile Pacific slope
Peruvian East Andean foothills
Peruvian high Andes
Pitcairn (secondary area)
Providence Island (secondary area)
Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands
Qinghai mountains
Queensland wet tropics
Rapa (secondary area)
Rennell and Bellona
Riau and Lingaa islands (secondary area)
Rio Araguaia (secondary area)
Rio Branco gallery forest
Rio Guaporé (secondary area)
Rio Ji-paraná (secondary area)
Rotuma (secondary area)
Sabah lowlands (secondary area)
Sakhalin (secondary area)
Salayar and Bonerate Islands (secondary area)
Salinas Grandes and Ambargasta (secondary area)
Samoan Islands
San Andrés Island (secondary area)
Sangihe and Talaud
Santa Marta Mountains
São Tomé
Seaward Peninsula and Yukon delta (secondary area)
Serengeti plains
Seribu Islands (secondary area)
Shanxi mountains
Sierra de Chiribiquete (secondary area)
Sierra Madre del Sur
Sierra Madre Occidental and trans-Mexican range
Sierras Centrales of Argentina
Simeulue (secondary area)
Simpson and Strzelecki deserts (secondary area)
Siquijor (secondary area)
Snares Islands and Stwart Island islets (secondary area)
Society Islands
Solomon group
South African forests
South Australian desert (secondary area)
South Central American Pacific slope
South Ethiopian highlands
South Georgia (secondary area)
South Island of New Zealand
South Malagasy spiny forests
South Mexican karst forests (secondary area)
South Papuan lowlands
South Veracruz coast scrub (secondary area)
South Vietnamese lowlands
South-east African coast
South-east Australia
South-east Chinese mountains
South-east Papuan lowlands (secondary area)
South-east Peruvian lowlands
Southern African grasslands
Southern Central Andes
Southern Cook Islands
Southern Deccan plateau (secondary area)
Southern Laos (secondary area)
Southern Patagonia
Southern Sierra Madre Oriental
Southern Tibet
Southern Xinjiang mountains (secondary area)
Southern Zambia (secondary area)
South-west Nigeria (secondary area)
South-west Arabian mountains
South-west Australia
South-west Tanzanian swamps (secondary area)
Sri Lanka
St Helena (secondary area)
St Matthias Island
Sulu archipelago
Sumatra and Peninsular Malaysia
Swan Islands (secondary area)
Tablas, Romblon and Sibuyan (secondary area)
Taklimakan Desert
Tanzania - Malawi mountains
Thailand-Cambodia mountains (secondary area)
Timor and Wetar
Tobago (secondary area)
Tonga (secondary area)
Trinidad (secondary area)
Tristan Islands
Tuamotu archipelago
Tukangbesi Islands (secondary area)
Tumaco and Bocagrande Islands (secondary area)
Tumbesian region
Upemba plains (secondary area)
Upper Amazon-Napo lowlands
Upper Guinea forests
Upper Inambari valley (secondary area)
Upper Niger valley (secondary area)
Upper Rio Cururu (secondary area)
Vanuata abd Temotu
Wake Island (secondary area)
Wallis and Futuna (secondary area)
West Australian mangroves (secondary area)
West Malagasy dry forests
West Malagasy wetlands
West Papuan highlands
West Papuan lowlands
West Sichuan mountains
West Zaïre and North Angola forests (secondary area)
Western Angola
Western Ghats
Western Himalayas
Yap Islands
Yapen (secondary area)
Yucatán peninsula coastal scrub
Yunnan mountains
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