25th International Ornithological Congress 2010
22-28 August 2010
Campos do Jordão, Brazil

Call for symposia proposals

The 25th International Ornithological Congress will be held in Campos do Jordão, Brazil, 22-28 August 2010.  The Scientific Program Committee has been formed and a web page is in place (http://www.i-o-c.org or http://www.ib.usp.br/25ioc). We hope that you will circle these dates on your calendar and plan to attend!

The Scientific Program Committee (SPC) invites you to submit symposium proposals for the next IOC. Symposia are aimed at the general ornithologist and provide up-to-date coverage of current ornithological research.  Similar to the last IOC meeting, each symposium will include two keynote addresses that should summarize the global progress of ornithological science in the field over the last four years and address priorities for future research.  Other speakers will be chosen by the conveners, with guidance from the SPC, and will include persons who have submitted abstracts identifying the particular symposium they would like to join.  This is intended to increase global participation and allow new researchers to contribute to symposia.  The call for contributed papers (which will come in early 2009) will include a box that contributors can check if they wish to be considered for specific symposia.

Each symposium should have 2 co-organizers. Since this is an international congress, the SPC will give preference in choosing symposium topics to symposia with co-conveners from different continents, and, failing this, from different countries. If it is not possible to meet these criteria, a brief explanation should be given under 'Justification of symposium' on the application form. Conveners may choose themselves as keynote speakers.  Conveners can organize only one symposium. Also note that symposium speakers cannot give another oral presentation during the congress, but can apply to organize a round table discussion or present a poster.

Proposals for symposia must be received on or before 1 June 2008.  Please provide the information listed below and send it as an email attachment to the chair of the SPC, Carol M. Vleck, at ioc2010@iastate.edu

If you cannot submit your proposal by email, please mail it directly to the program chair:
Carol M. Vleck, Department of Ecology, Evolution and Organismal Biology, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa 50011, USA.

Please provide a title of the symposium, names, institution or affiliation, addresses, phone, fax, email addresses of both organizer, first and second keynote speakers, and describe (400 words maximum) goals, objectives, importance of the symposium and outline briefly what each keynote speaker will cover, giving a preliminary title if possible. Justify (250 words maximum) why this symposium is important and timely and why it will be of interest to IOC congress participants. If you cannot find a co-convener from another continent or country, explain why. The justification will not appear in the program or on the web site.

All proposals will be reviewed by the SPC in August 2008 and symposium organizers will be notified as to whether their proposal has been accepted shortly thereafter. The committee may recommend combining two symposia or substituting speakers.

The IOC is not able to provide any financial assistance to symposium organizers or participants. Organizers must make this clear to participants.

We ask that symposium organizers have a firm commitment from keynote speakers to attend the meeting before listing them in their proposal.  Once a proposal has been accepted and the speakers finalized, we will request abstracts for each of the keynote talks. Summaries of accepted symposia will be posted on the IOC website. We also ask that symposium conveners inform speakers that the conference proceedings will be published, so that speakers must be willing to submit a paper on their presentation.

If you need more information, please consult the 25th IOC web site http://www.i-o-c.org or http://www.ib.usp.br/25ioc or contact the Secretary General for the Congress by e-mail at ioc2010@ib.usp.br or by mail at:
Cristina Miyaki
IOC 2010, Departamento de Genética e Biologia Evolutiva,
Instituto de Biociências,
Universidade de São Paulo,
Rua do Matão 277, São Paulo, SP, 05508-090, Brazil.
Carol Vleck
2010 IOC Scientific Program Committee Chair
Dept of Ecology, Evolution & Organismal Biology
253 Bessey Hall
Iowa State University
Ames, IA  50011 USA

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