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The Quekett Microscopical Club
Micscape Microscopical Magazine
Royal Microscopical Society
The Manchester Microscopical and Natural History Society
Mixed site (Microlife Services/Savona Books/Lindsey Optical/Mike Samworth's Home Page/The Watson Service)
Microscopical Society of Southern California
Microscopes Plus (microscopes, accessories/repairs)
Spike Walker's site for Ultraphot enthusiasts
Malcolm Storey's site (BioImages)- many photomicrographs, especially fungi, bryophytes, algae and protozoa - well worth a visit.
Site advertising microscopes, etc. for sale.
Photographic filters, camera/microscope adaptors, accessories, etc.
Mike Smith's Photo Gallery - photomicrographs; others will be added from time to time.
Florida State University's Microscopy Site contains a wealth of material.
Featured Microscopist Spike Walker on the Florida State University's Microscopy site.
Artifice web site. Scientific antiques for sale, including microscopy items.
Ron Neumeyer's website - covers various aspects of microscopy, with links to keep you busy for ages.
Chris Thomas's virtual travel site showing microscopy, photography and artwork.
Michael Dingley's Desmid Site
Jeremy Poole's website - containing wide variety of photography from mountains to micro-organisms.
Jeremy Poole's Malham website.
Derek Christie's website -includes photomicrographs.
George Vitt's images of a variety of vintage microscopes and a number of photomicrographs - some from PMS slides.
Institute of Biology - the site has useful links.
Syncroscopy Auto Montage web site - see PMS Groups/Digital Imaging section for more details.

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