Extinct birds
Systematic List
with approximate years of extinction
  english name, ornithological notes.
 by Alberto Masi
Geographical  Review
Ornithological  Notes



Camptorhynchus labradorius (Gmelin,1789)
Labrador Duck
Anas labradoria Gmelin Syst.Nat.,1, pt 2,1789,p.537 
(Arctic America,Connecticat and Labrador).
Believed to have bred formerly in Labrador. Wintered from Grand Manan to Chesapeake
Bay (?) but chiefly off Long Island, N.Y.

Ectopistes migratorius (Linnaeus, 1766)
Passenger Pigeon
e.N.America from c.Montana, ec.Saskatchewan, s.Manitoba, Minnesota, Michigan,Ontario,
s.Quebec, New Brunswich, Nova Scotia S to e.Kansas, Oklaoma, Mississippi, Georgia.
Wintered in se.U.S.

Conuropsis carolinensis Linnaeus, 1758
Carolina Parakeet
se.U.S.from e.Nebraska, Iowa, se.Wisconsin, s.Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, c.New York,
S.to s.Oklaoma, Lousiana, Gulf states and c.Florida

Tympanuchus cupido cupido Linnaeus, 1758
Greater Prairie-chicken
Extinct ?
Locally and in reduced numbers to 1500 m from e N. Dakota, nw,c Minnesota, n Wisconsin and n
Michigan s to ne Colorado, Kansas (exc. sw), s,ne Oklahoma, c Missouri and s Illinois;coastal plains of se Texas.  Formerly ranged widely from s Canada e to New England, incl. Martha's
Vineyard I. off se Massachusetts, and s to e Texas, sw Louisiana and ce U.S. 

Campephilus principalis principalis Linnaeus, 1758
Northern Ivory-billed Woodpecker
Nearing extinction or Probably extinct;
From e Texas, se Oklahoma, ne Arkansas, se Missouri, s Illinois, s Indiana,
Kentucky and se N. Carolina s to Gulf coast and s Florida.  Cuba. 
Cuban population last observed in the late 1970's; U.S. last seen in the 1950's. 

Campephilus principalis imperialis Gould,1832
Imperial Woodpecker
Formerly in mts. from ne Sonora and w Chihuahua s through Sierra Madre Occidental to w Durango,wc Zacatecas, ne Nayarit, c Jalisco and n Michoacán. 


  • Continental

Tadorna cristata Kuroda 1917
Common Shelduck
Known from three specimens from e Asia, two from Korea and one from Vladivostok. 
Last definite record 1916.

  • Small Islands
  • Eldey, Iceland

  • Alcidae
    Pinguinus impennis (Linnaeus 1758)
    Great Auk
    Last specimen in 1844.  Bred on Bird Rocks in the Gulf of  St Lawrence, Funk I. off Newfoundland, Greenland, Iceland and St. Kilda in the Outer Hebrides, possibly elsewhere in the nw Palearctic.  Subfossil bones have been found on the Murman coast of the Barents Sea ca. 400 km e of the Varanger Fjord in ne Norway, the next nearest site in n Scandinavia (Potapova, O.  Poster at XXI  Int. Orn. Congr., 1994). 
  • Iwo Jima

  • Rallidae
    Poliolimnas cinereus brevipes (Ingram,1911)
    Porphyrio Vieillot,1819
    Porzana cinerea brevipes Ingram,Bull.Brit.Orn.Cl.,29,1911,p.21.
    (Sulphur Island,Bonin Group,Iwotima Island,Vulcan Islands).
    Iwotima and Dionisio islands of the Vulcan Islands.
    Ashy Crake
  • Ryukyu

  • Alcedinidae
    Halcyon miyakoensis (Kuroda,1919)
    Ryukyu Kingfisher
    Micronesia in Palau, e.Caroline Is. (Pohnpei) and s.Mariana Is (Guam)

    Todirhamphus cinnamominus (Swainson 1821)
    Halcyon cinnamomina Swainson, Zool.Illustr.2.,1821, text to pl.67
    Halcyon Swainson,1821
    Todirhamphus Lesson 1827
    Micronesian Kingfisher
    Probably Extinct
    Sw Ryukyu Is (known from unique type from Miyako-shima)
    Peters V-206: Marianas Islands,Guam

  • Bonin I.

  • Columbidae
    Columba versicolor Kittlitz,1832
    Bonin Wood-pigeon
    Bonin Is.(Parry Is.on Naconda Shima and Peel)

    Zootera terrestris Kittlitz,1831
    Bonin Thrush
    Bonin Is

    Chaunoproctus ferreorostris (Vigors,1828)
    Bonin Grosbeak
    Bonin Is (Peel I.)

  • Bering I.

  • Phalacrocoracidae
    Phalacrocorax perspicillatus Pallas,1811
    Pallas's Cormorant
    Known only from five specimens from Is.Commander (Bering I.)