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        European Ornithologist’s Union (EOU) conference 2003 in Saxony

16th to 21st August 2003 in Chemnitz-
The 4th conference of the European Ornithologist’s Union (EOU) will be held at the invitation of the Verein Saechsischer Ornithologen (VSO) and the Deutsche Ornithologen-Gesellschaft (DO-G) from 16th to 21st August 2003 in Chemnitz.
The new campus of the Technical University, which offers four lecture rooms with 110 seats, one room with 250, 400 and 700 seats, will be a pleasant background for this international conference.

www.tu-chemnitz.de/tu/sprachen/index.php introduces

the TU Chemnitz in 12 languages.

ITALIANO: http://www.tu-chemnitz.de/tu/sprachen/italia/index.php

The EOU has been officially founded in August 2000 to support Ornithology and scientific studies all over Europe. For this purpose biannual conferences are organised, each hosted by a different member country. Preparing conferences took place in Bologna (Italy) and Danzig (Poland), the first conference after the EOU foundation was held last year in Groningen (The Netherlands). The EOU publishes the journal „Avian Science“ (in English), its first issue was edited in December 2001. In future four annual issues will be published.
The president of the EOU is Prof Dr Jacques Blondel (France), Dr Wolfgang
Fiedler (Vogelwarte Radolfzell, Germany) was elected secretary in Groningen (The Netherlands) last year.

Membership is open to all interested scientists and laymen. Memberships forms can be asked at the EOU office (c/o Elisabeth Wiprächtiger, E-mail: elisabeth.wipraechtiger@vogelwarte.ch , Internet: www.eou.at). The annual membership fee includes the journal „Avian Science“ and is 40 €, for members of the DO-G only 35 € (see J. Ornith. 143/1: 127).

The committee of the VSO welcomes all participants of the EOU conference 2003 to Saxony! Kai Gedeon

Short portrait of the Saxon Ornithologist’s Association

 Founded 1922 in Dresden on Rudolf Zimmermann’s and Erwin Stresemann’s initiative.
 In 1990 in Augustusburg 65 Saxon ornithologists brougth the association again into being.
 Today our association has about 600 members, the youngest aged 13, the oldest 100.
 In their leisure time our members attend to the support of ornithological research, in which also own research projects are worked on.
 Our members authoritatively support the work of Saxony’s commissioners for nature preservation by their competent cooperation.
 The annual member meeting, connected to a public conference, takes place traditionally on different places in Saxony.
 After an interruption of 45 years since 1990 our Association publishes an own scientific journal, the „Mitteilungen des Vereins Sächsischer Ornithologen“.
 Specially educated members are working in an honorary capacity as employees of the Vogelwarte Hiddensee on scientific ringing of birds.

Pygmy owl (Glaucidium passerinum)

Europe’s smallest owl, the pygmy owl, a typical inhabitant of Saxony’s low mountain ranges, is the heraldic bird of the Saxon Ornithologist’s Association. This amusing bird is hardly starling-sized and in contrast to most of its relatives it is not nocturnal, but active during daylight and at dusk. Experts recognize it by its typical territorial song, which is similar to the bullfinch’s call. The pygmy owl’s breeding territories are to be found in well structured coniferous forests. For rearing its juveniles it uses abandoned woodpecker holes, in which it starts to lay the eggs around the end of April. Small mammals as well as birds to thrush-size belong to its food spectrum. The pygmy owl is listed as „highly endangred in Saxony’s Red Data Book of rare and endangered birds. Its total population size in Saxony is estimated between 200 and 400 breeding pairs.

Congreso de la Unión de Ornitólogos Europeos (EOU) 2003 en Sajonia

El IV Congreso de la Unión de Ornitólogos Europeos tendrá lugar del 16 al 21 de agosto 2003 en Chemnitz, por invitación de la Asociación de Ornitólogos Sajones (VSO, por sus letras en alemán) y de la Sociedad Alemana de Ornitólogos (DO-G, por sus letras en alemán). El nuevo campus de la Universidad de Chemnitz ofrecerá un lugar agradable para este cogreso internacional, con sus 4 aulas de una capacidad para 110 personas cada una, así como dos auditorios de una capacidad de 400 y 700 personas respectivamente. La Universidad de Chemnitz se presenta en 12 idiomas en su sitio web www.tu-chemnitz.de/tu/sprachen/index.php www.tu-chemnitz.de/tu/sprachen/index.php.

La EOU fue fundada oficialmente en agosto 2000 para la promoción de la ornitología y el apoyo de estudios científicos en toda Europa. Por eso se organizará un congreso internacional cada dos años, a realizar en uno de los países miembros. Dos congresos para la preparación de la EUO se llevaron a cabo en Bologna (Italia) y Gdansk (Polonia), el primer congreso después de la fundación de la EOU tuvo lugar en Groningen (Holanda) en 2001. La EOU publica la revista científica "Avian Science" en idioma inglés. El primer ejemplar fue publicado en diciembre 2001. De hoy en adelante se publicarán cuatro números anuales. El presidente es el Dr. Jacques Blondel (Francia), y el Dr. Wolfgang Fiedler (Vogelwarte Radolfzell, Alemania) fue electo en Groningen como secretario.

La membresía en la EOU está abierta a todo científico y persona interesada. Los formularios de membresía pueden solicitarse en la secretaría de la EOU (Elisabeth Wiprächter, email: Elisabeth.wipraechtiger@vogelwarte.ch, Internet: www.eou.at). La contribución anual incluye la revista "Avian Science", y es de 40 ?, para miembros de la DO-G solamente 35 ? (ver J. Ornith. 143/1: 127).

La Junta Directiva del VSO da la bienvenida a los participantes del Congreso de la EOU 2003 en Sajonia. Kai Gedeon

Evropska ornitologicka unie (EOU) zaseda v roce 2003 v Sasku

4. shromazdeni evropske ornitologicke unie (EOU) se kona na pozvani Svazu saskych ornitologu (VSO) a Nemecke ornitologicke spolecnosti (DO-G) od 16. do 21.srpna v Chemnitz. Novostavba arealu technicke univerzity se 4 prednaskovymi saly se 110 misty, jednim salem pro 400 a jinym velkym plenarnim salem pro 700 posluchacu bude tomuto mezinarodnimu shromazdeni poskytovat odpovidajici ramec. Technicka univerzita Chemnitz se predstavuje pod www.tu-chemnitz.de/tu/sprachen/index.php ve 12 jazycich.

EOU byla oficialne zalozena v srpnu 2000. Cilem Unie je podpora ornitologie a vedeckych studii v cele Evrope. Za timto ucelem maji byt co 2 roky poradana mezinarodni shromazdeni, a to pokazde v jinem clenskem state. Pripravna shromazdeni byla doposud ve mestech Bologna (Italie) a Gdansk (Polsko), prvni shromazdeni po ustanoveni EOU bylo v Groningen (Nizozemsko). EOU vydava v anglictine casopis “Avian Science”, jehoz prvni cislo vyslo v prosinci 2001. V budoucnu maji vychazet 4 cisla rocne. Prezidentem je Prof. Dr. Jacques Blondel (Francie), sekretarem byl zvolen v Groningen Dr. Wolfgang Fiedler (Krouzkovaci stanice Radolfzell).

Clenstvi je otevreno pro vsechny vedce a laiky se zajmem o ornitologii. Prihlasky lze obdrzet na sekretariatu EOU u pani Elisabeth Wiprächtiger (elisabeth.wipraechtiger@vogelwarte.ch nebo www.eou.at). Rocni prispevek cini 40 € (pro cleny DO-G pouze 35 € - viz J.Ornith. 143/1: 127) a zahrnuje i zasilani casopisu.

Predstavenstvo Svazu saskych ornitologu (VSO) by chtelo jiz na tomto miste vsechny ucastniky shormazdeni EOU 2003 srdecne pozdravit.