Suborder Tyranni (Suboscines)
    Infraorder Acanthisittides: New Zealand Wrens
    Infraorder Eurylaimides
        Superfamily Pittoidea: Pittas
        Superfamily Eurylaimoidea: Broadbills, Asities
    Infraorder Tyrannides: New World Suboscines
      Parvorder Tyrannida: Tyrants, Becards, Cotingas, Plantcutters, Sharpbill, Manakins
      Parvorder Thamnophilida: Typical Antbirds
      Parvorder Furnariida
         Superfamily Furnarioidea: Ovenbirds, Woodcreepers
         Superfamily Formicarioidea: Ground Antbirds, Gnateaters, Tapaculos
  Suborder Passeri (Oscines)
 Parvorder Corvida
    Superfamily Menuroidea: Lyrebirds, Bowerbirds, Treecreepers
    Superfamily Meliphagoidea: Fairywrens, Honeyeaters, Pardalotes, Scrubwrens, Thornbills, etc.
    Superfamily Corvoidea: Australo-Papuan robins, Shrikes, Vireos, Corvines, Fantails, etc.
 Parvorder Passerida
    Superfamily Muscicapoidea: Waxwings, O. W. Flycatchers, Thrushes, Starlings, Mockingbirds
    Superfamily Sylvioidea: Nuthatches, Wrens, Titmice, Swallows, Old World Warblers, etc.
    Superfamily Passeroidea: Larks, Sunbirds, Wagtails, Weavers, Finches, Buntings, Tanagers, etc.

Suborder TYRANNI


Acanthisitta chloris  RIFLEMAN.  Forest, farms, shrubland.  New Zealand on N. Island (exc. n third - but see note below), South, Stewart, Great Barrier and Little Barrier islands.  Pierce (1994. Notornis 41:234) reported at least two pairs in Northland in the Warawara Forest, north of Hokianga Harbour in kauri forest.
Xenicus longipes  BUSH WREN.  Forest.  New Zealand, formerly widespread, now restricted Lake Waikaremoana area in the ce N. Island, S. Island and Stewart I., rare in the south.
Xenicus gilviventris  SOUTH ISLAND WREN.  Rocky areas, scrub at or above timberline.  High mts. on the w,sw of the.  South Island of New Zealand from Nelson to Fiordland.

*Xenicus lyalli  STEPHENS ISLAND WREN. Extinct since 1894.  Formerly on Stephens Island, c New Zealand.



Pitta phayrei   EARED PITTA.  Forest, second growth.  Lowlands to 1800 m of sw China, c,s,e Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and n Vietnam in Tonkin.
Pitta nipalensis   BLUE-NAPED PITTA.  Second growth, open woodland, dense scrub.  Mts. 
to 1800 m of ne India and Nepal s to Bangladesh, Mizoram, Manipur and Nagaland, sw China, w,ne,s Burma, n Laos and n Vietnam.
Pitta soror   BLUE-RUMPED PITTA.  Forest.  Locally in mts. of se China, Hainan I., se Thailand and Indochina.
Pitta oatesi   RUSTY-NAPED PITTA.  Forest, second growth.  Mts., 1000-1800 m, of sw China, n,e,s Burma, nw Thailand, Laos, n,c Vietnam and n Malaya.

*?Pitta schneideri   SCHNEIDER'S PITTA.  Forest.  Foothills and mts. of n Sumatra; extinct.
(possibly extinct).

Pitta caerulea   GIANT PITTA.  Forest.  Lowlands to 1200 m in Malay Pen., Sumatra and Borneo.

Pitta cyanea   BLUE PITTA.  Forest, second growth, bamboo.  Lowlands to 1800 m of ne India, Bhutan e to Arunachal Pradesh and s to Bangladesh, Mizoram, Manipur and Nagaland, Burma, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and s Vietnam.
Pitta guajana   BANDED PITTA.  Forest, often near limestone cliffs.  Lowlands to 1200 m of Malay Pen., Sumatra, Borneo, Java and Bali; a record for Bangka is considered erroneous.
Pitta elliotii   BAR-BELLIED PITTA.  Forest.  Lowlands of Indochina.
Pitta gurneyi   GURNEY'S PITTA.  Forest.  Lowlands to 1000 m of Malay Pen. in s Burma and sw and peninsular.  Thailand.
Pitta baudii   BLUE-HEADED PITTA.  Forest.  Lowlands of Borneo.

Pitta sordida   HOODED PITTA.  Forest, mangroves, scrub.
 P. s. sordida  Lowlands to 1800 m from n,e India, in Himalayan foothills s to Bihar, Bangladesh, Mizoram, Manipur and Nagaland, sw China, Burma, Thailand, n Laos, Cambodia and s Vietnam s through Nicobar Is. and se Asia to Sumatra, incl. Bangka and Belitung, Borneo, Java, n Sulawesi, incl. Sangihe Is. and Philippines, incl. Sulu Arch.
 P. s. novaeguineae  New Guinea region in Aru and w Papuan is. incl. Gebe and Gag, New Guinea, to 1200 m, incl. Biak, Numfor and Karkar is., and w Bismarck Arch. on Long I.  Himalayan populations winter s to Greater Sunda Is.

Pitta maxima   IVORY-BREASTED PITTA.  Forest.  N Moluccas on Morotai, Halmahera and Bacan.
Pitta superba   SUPERB PITTA.  Forest.  Nw Bismarck Arch. on Manus I. in Admiralty Is.
Pitta steerii   AZURE-BREASTED PITTA.  Forest.  Lowlands to 1000 m of s Philippines on Samar, Leyte, Bohol and Mindanao.
Pitta kochi   WHISKERED PITTA.  Forest.  Mts. above 1000 m of n Philippines on n Luzon.
Pitta erythrogaster   RED-BELLIED PITTA.  Forest.  Lowlands to 1000 m of Sulawesi, incl. Sangihe and Talaud is., Philippines, Moluccas, Kai, Aru and w Papuan is., on Waigeo, Batanta, Salawati, Misool; New Guinea, incl. Yapen I., D'Entrecasteaux Arch. on Fergusson and Goodenough is., Louisade Arch. on Rossel I., Bismarck Arch. on Umboi, New Britain, New Ireland, New Hanover, Tabar is., and ne Australia on Cape York Pen. in n Queensland.

Pitta dohertyi   SULA PITTA.  Forest.  Lowlands of Sula Is., off e Sulawesi.  Sometimes regarded as conspecific with P. erythrogaster but appears to be the most distinct form in the group.
Pitta arcuata   BLUE-BANDED PITTA.  Forest, bamboo jungle.  Mts., 600-1500 m, of Borneo.
Pitta granatina   GARNET PITTA.  Forest, often swampy.  Lowlands to 500 m of se Asia in Malay Pen., n Sumatra and s Borneo.
Pitta venusta   BLACK-CROWNED PITTA.  Forest.  Foothills, 400-1400 m, of Greater Sunda Is. in Sumatra and n Borneo.  Relationships with P. granatina unclear.  They may interbreed or be sympatric in Sumatra; on Borneo they are allopatric and sometimes considered conspecific.

Pitta angolensis   AFRICAN PITTA.  Forest undergrowth.  From Sierra Leone, se Guinea and Liberia e to s Cameroon and sw C. African Rep. and s to nw Angola; se Zaire, c,e Zambia, Malawi, se Tanzania, n,e Zimbabwe and c,n Mozambique.  Angolan populations migrate n, and se African populations winter n to ne Zaire, Uganda and Kenya and s to e S. Africa.
Pitta reichenowi   GREEN-BREASTED PITTA.  Forest undergrowth.  S Cameroon and sw C. African Rep. 
P. reichenowi is often considerred conspecific with P. angolensis, but the ranges of these strikingly different forms approach with no sign of intergradation and may overlap in Cameroon and sw C. African Rep.; however, specimens have been examined which were intermediate between angolensis and reichenowi.

Pitta brachyura   INDIAN PITTA.  Forest, woodland, mangroves.  Lowlands and foothills to 1700 m of India and e to Bangladesh and Manipur.  May be conspecific with P. moluccensis.
Pitta nympha   FAIRY PITTA.  Forest, woodland, mangroves.  Lowlands and foothills of e,se China, Taiwan, s Korea, incl. Quelpart and Tsushima is., and s Japan on Kyushu, s Shikoku and probably Honshu.  Often considered conspecific with P. brachyura.
Pitta moluccensis   BLUE-WINGED PITTA.  Lowlands to 600 m of sw China, se Asia, exc. ne,c Burma and n,c Vietnam, but incl. Langkawi I., and w Borneo.
Pitta megarhyncha   MANGROVE PITTA.  Coastal mangroves.  Locally in lowlands to 1000 m, mostly in coastal areas, of Malay Pen. and Sumatra, incl. Riau Arch. and Bangka I. 
May be conspecific with P. moluccensis; they are separated ecologically, but not geographically, and do not appear to interbreed.

Pitta elegans   ELEGANT PITTA.  Forest.  Indonesian is. of Tanahdjampea, Kalao, Kalaotoa, Tukangbesi, Banda, Tanimbar; s Indonesia on Lesser Sunda Is. from Lombok to Timor, Sula Is., e of Sulawesi, and Moluccas on Halmahera, Seram and Buru. P. e. vigorsii is sometimes regarded as a separate species because of its mosaic distribution.  P. elegans is often considered conspecific with P. brachyura or P. moluccensis.
Pitta iris   RAINBOW PITTA.  Humid forest, mangroves, bamboo.  Cn Australia from ne W. Australia to n N. Territory, incl. Melville I. and Groote Eylandt.  Often considered conspecific with P. versicolor, but they appear to be distinct species.

Pitta versicolor   NOISY PITTA.  Humid forest.  E Australia from ne Queensland on Cape York Pen., incl. is. in Torres Strait, s to New S. Wales.
Pitta anerythra   BLACK-FACED PITTA.  Forest.  Solomon Is. on Bougainville, Choiseul, Ysabel is.


Smithornis capensis   AFRICAN BROADBILL.  Scrub, riparian woodland, forest.  Highlands, 1300-2550 m, from Sierra Leone, Liberia, n Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria, s Cameroon, sw C. African Rep., Equatorial Guinea and Gabon; from Angola, sc,se,ce,ne Zaire, Uganda and sc Kenya s, mostly in mts., to Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, ne Namibia, n Botswana, n,e Zimbabwe, Mozambique and e S. Africa.
Smithornis sharpei   GREY-HEADED BROADBILL.  Forest, undergrowth.  Lowlands to 1500 m of s Cameroon, incl. Bioko I. (Fernando Po), Equatorial Guinea (Rio Muni), Gabon and ne,ce Zaire.
Smithornis rufolateralis   RUFOUS-SIDED BROADBILL.  Forest.  Lowlands to 1500 m in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Togo, Nigeria, s Cameroon, s C. African Rep., n Zaire and nw Uganda; s to Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Congo, sw,sc,ne Zaire and Cabinda in nw Angola.

Pseudocalyptomena graueri   GRAUER'S BROADBILL.  Forest, undergrowth.  Mts., ca. 1950 m of ce Zaire nw of L. Tanganyika, and sw Uganda.  Affinities uncertain.

Corydon sumatranus   DUSKY BROADBILL.  Forest, usually riparian.  Lowlands to 1500 m of s Burma incl. Tenasserim, Thailand, Cambodia, s Laos, c,s Vietnam, Malaya, Sumatra and Borneo, incl. N. Natuna Is.

Cymbirhynchus macrorhynchos   BLACK-AND-RED BROADBILL.  Riparian forest, scrub, farmlands.  Lowlands to 1000 m of w,s Burma incl. Tenasserim, e,sw Thailand, Cambodia, s Vietnam, Malaya, Sumatra, incl. Bangka and Belitung, and Borneo.

Eurylaimus javanicus   BANDED BROADBILL.  Forest, second growth.  Lowlands to 1000 m of s Burma incl. Tenasserim, Thailand. Cambodia, s Laos, s Vietnam, Malaya, Sumatra, incl. Riau Arch., Bangka, Belitung, Borneo, incl. N. Natuna Is., and Java.
Eurylaimus ochromalus   BLACK-AND-YELLOW BROADBILL.  Forest, edge, second growth.  Lowlands to 1000 m of Malay Pen., Sumatra, incl. Riau Arch. and Lingga arch., Batu Is., Bangka, Belitung and Tuangku in Banyak Is. and Borneo, incl. N. Natuna Is.
Eurylaimus steerii   WATTLED BROADBILL.  Forest.  S Philippines on Samar, Leyte, Bohol, Dinagat, Siargao, Mindanao and Basilan is.

Serilophus lunatus   SILVER-BREASTED BROADBILL.  Woodland, bamboo.  Foothills to 1800 m of e India, Nepal e to Arunachal Pradesh and s to Bangladesh, Mizoram, Manipur and Nagaland and n Burma; s China, se Asia, exc. c Thailand and Cochinchina area of s Vietnam, to Sumatra.

Psarisomus dalhousiae   LONG-TAILED BROADBILL.  Forest, bamboo.  Foothills to 2500 m of India in Himalayas, from Garwhal e to Arunachal Pradesh and s to Bangladesh, Mizoram, Manipur and Nagaland, and s China s through se Asia, exc. c Thailand and Cochinchina area of s Vietnam, to Sumatra and nw Borneo.

Calyptomena viridis   GREEN BROADBILL.  Forest.  Lowlands to 1000 m of Malay Pen., Sumatra, incl. Lingga Arch., Nias, Siberut, Batu and Pagai is., and Borneo, incl. N. Natuna is.
Calyptomena hosii   HOSE'S BROADBILL.  Forest.  Patchy distribution in mts. to 1000 m of n Borneo.
Calyptomena whiteheadi   WHITEHEAD'S BROADBILL.  Forest.  Mts. of ne,nc Borneo.


Philepitta castanea   VELVET ASITY.  Mt. forests and slopes, edge.  Mt. slopes to 1800 m of nw,e Madagascar; absent from coastal plain.
Philepitta schlegeli   SCHLEGEL'S ASITY.  Forest.  Lowlands of w,nw Madagascar.

Neodrepanis coruscans   SUNBIRD ASITY.  Forest, second growth.  Lowlands to 1800 m of nw,e Madagascar.  Relationships uncertain.
Neodrepanis hypoxantha   YELLOW-BELLIED ASITY.  Forest.  Lowlands of ce Madagascar. 
Known only from two old specimens.

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