Bulletin of the British Ornithologists' Club

Vol. 113, 1993
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ALSTROM, P. & MILD, K. The taxonomic status of Anthus berthelotii 88
ALSTROM, P., RIPLEY, S. D. & RASMUSSEN, P. C. Re-evaluation of the taxonomic status of Phylloscopus subaffinis arcanus 207
BEST, B. J., CLARKE, C. T., CHECKER, M., BROOM, A. L., THEWLIS, R. M., DUCKWORTH, W. & McNAB, A. Distributional records, natural history notes and conservation of some poorly known birds from southwestern Ecuador and northwestern Peru 108, 234
BONSER, R. H. C. & WALKER, C. A. Some notes on type material of moas (Aves: Dinornithidae) 257
BROWNING, M. R. Taxonomy of the blue-crested group of Cyanocitta stelleri (Steller's Jay) with a description of a new subspecies 34
BUDEN, D. W. Geographic variation in the Scaly-breasted Thrasher Margarops fuscus with descriptions of three new subspecies 75
CAVALCANTI, R. B. & MARINI, M. A. Body masses of birds of the cerrado region, Brazil 210
CHRISTIDIS, L. & SCHODDE, R. Sexual selection for novel partners: a mechanism for accelerated morphological evolution in the birds-of-paradise (Paradisaeidae) 169
CISNEROS-PALACIOS, E. & BONILLA-RUZ, C. New distributional information on Mexican Birds III. Northern Oaxaca 213
CLANCEY, P. A. The status of the Cisticola aberrans subspecies C. a. nuikae Lynes,1930 18
CLANCEY, P. A. Subspeciation in the austral African Thick-billed Lark 173
CLANCEY, P. A. The authorship of the name of the British race of the Chaffinch 189
 CLUB NOTICES: Accounts at A.G.M. 18.4.93 135
 CLUB NOTICES: Annual General Meeting 18.4.93 129
 CLUB NOTICES: Centenary Dinner held on 19.11.92 3
 CLUB NOTICES: Chairman's Address (R. E. F. Peal) on 27.4.93 131
 CLUB NOTICES: Meetings 7
 CLUB NOTICES: Meetings 65
 CLUB NOTICES: Meetings 129
 CLUB NOTICES: Meetings 193
CROWE, T. M. Validation of some new proposed names for francolins (Phasianidae) 191
DICKERMAN, R. W. On the validity of Ceyx (Myioceyx) lecontei rufaceps 255
FJELDSÅ, J. Phrygilus coracinus Sclater, 1891 is a valid taxon 121
GREGORY, P. A. & JOHNSTON, G. R. Birds of the cold tropics: Dokfuma Star Mountains, New Guinea 139
HAFTORN, S. Willow warbler Phylloscopus trochilus imitating the song of the Chiffchaff P. collybita 216
HOUSTON, D. C., HALL, A. & FREY, H. The characteristics of the cosmetic soils used by Bearded Vultures Gypaetus barbatus 260
HOWELL, S. N. G. A Taxonomic review of the Green-fronted Hummingbird 179
KITCHENER, A. C., MACDONALD, A. A. & HOWARD, P. First record of the Blue Crowned Pigeon Goura cristata on Seram 42
LOUETTE, M. & HERROELEN, P. Status of migratory Cuculus cuckoos in Zaire 147
MOORE, A. Breeding of the Lavender Firefinch 191
OTTOSSON, U. An observation of Bateleur Terathopius ecaudatus in northern Tunisia 62
PARKES, K. C. The name of the Ecuadorean subspecies of the Chestnut-collared Swallow Hirundo rufocollaris 119
PARKES, K. C. Distributional errors in "The Birds of La Plata Island, Ecuador" (Ortiz-Crespo & Agnew 1992) 127
PARKES, K. C. & PANZA, R. K. A new Amazonian subspecies of the Ruddy-tailed Flycatcher Myiobius (Terenotriccus) erythrurus 21
PEARMAN, M. Some range extensions and five species new to Colombia, with notes on some scarce or little known species 66
PETERSON, A. T. Species status of Geotrygon carrikeri 166
RAHBEK, C., BLOCH, H., POULSEN, M. K. & RASMUSSEN, J. F. Avian body weights from southern Ecuador 103
ROBBINS, M. B. & RIDGELY, R. S. A new name for Myrmeciza immaculata berlepschi (Formicariidae) 190
SAINI, H. K. Maggots in the diet of the Collared Dove 263
SCHODDE, R. Geographic forms of the Regent Parrot Polytelis anthopeplus (Lear) and their type localities 44
SCHODDE, R. Stabilization of the scientific name for the White-browed Treecreeper (Climacteridae) by neotypification 230
SUMMERS-SMITH, J. D. New distributional records for House Sparrow Passer domesticus 62
TEIXEIRA, D. M., OTOCH, R., LUIGI, G., RAPOSO, M. A. & DE ALMEIDA, A. C. C. Notes on some birds of northeastern Brazil (5) 48
THOMAS, B. T. Birds of a northern Venezuelan secondary-scrub habitat 9
VIOLANI, C. G. & MASSA, B. Extinction of the Andalusian Hemipode Turnix s. sylvatica (Desf.) in the Mediterranean region 225
VUILLEUMIER, F. Notes on birds observed in beech (Fagus) forests in the Maoershan Natural Reserve, Guangxi Autonomous Region, China 152
VUILLEUMIER, F., CAPPARELLA, A. P. & LAZO, I. Two notable bird records from Chilean Patagonia 85
WALTERS, M. On the status of the Christmas Island sandpiper Aechmorhynchus cancellatus 97
WALTERS, R. Some records of birds from Belize, Central America, including three first records 145
WHITTAKER, A. Notes on the behaviour of the Crimson Fruitcrow Haematoderus militaris near Manaus, Brazil, with the first nesting record for this species 93
WILLIS, E. O. & ONIKI, Y. New and reconfirmed birds from the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil, with notes on disappearing species 23
WILLIS, E. O. & ONIKI, Y. On a Phoebetria specimen from southern Brazil 60
WILME, L. A recent record of the Madagascar Pochard Aythya innotata in Lake Alaotra, Madagascar 188
WOODS, R. W. Cobb's Wren Troglodytes (aedon) cobbi of the Falkland Islands 195
YAMASHITA, C. & VALLE, M. de P. On the linkage between Anodorhynchus macaws and palm nuts, and the extinction of the Glaucous Macaw 53